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Oleg Koleskin

Oleg Koleskin
Siebel technical expert, who has been working in different Siebel projects since 2006, and there is hardly any Siebel issue he can't solve. Having a strong background in web development, Oleg mastered Siebel Open UI in no time. He is very demanded consultant when it comes to the complex UI customizations using jQuery. Oleg never stops learning and experimenting, and all the traits made him the right man to engineer the Nexus Bridge and open up Siebel UI to modern web frameworks.

The Nexus Bridge and how you can use it to improve Siebel Open UI usability

We are back with the second article on Siebel Open UI usability improvements. In the first article, we set the stage and drafted your first steps in the Siebel UX transformation journey (e.g. making friends with the "digital" team at your company). Now we will continue by sharing different kinds of topics regarding the Nexus Bridge.

Simple tricks to manipulate PropertySets

Siebel provides good tools for working with Siebel Hierarchies, e.g. a developer can query Siebel data using the EAI Siebel Adapter business service, transform the queried data into an instance of external integration object using the EAI Data Transformation Engine business service, and then send the result to an external system. If there are no complicated requirements, and the transformations are straightforward, most of Siebel developers can implement outbound or inbound web service in a couple of hours.

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