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Close the Salesforce User Experience gaps with Ideaport services. Drive system adoption, increase users’ productivity and make your Salesforce ROI finally happen.

Why Salesforce UX?

While Salesforce comes with its modern application look and feel, companies neglect other UX aspects as they implement the system. Little attention is paid to how fast users can complete their tasks in Salesforce and how intuitive the UI is. Such an approach results in poor user adoption rates and weak ROI.

Meet your Salesforce implementation goals

Nucleus Research points out that 51 percent of Salesforce customers would switch to another CRM solution if given the opportunity. Low user engagement with the system often causes such failures. Great UX makes Salesforce work for your team, and your team heavily using Salesforce makes your business case work.

Improve users’ productivity

Among all UX dimensions, task completion time is the most important for employee-facing applications. The less time Salesforce demands from the sales users, the more likely they are to use it. The faster your service staff resolves customer inquiries, the better customer satisfaction you get.

Decrease new employees’ ramp-up time

Unlike other Salesforce partners who are lacking UX knowledge, Ideaport Riga brings a refreshing alternative to an ecosystem by implementing high-quality and effortless experiences in the Salesforce platform. In terms of value, you will get higher user adoption and ROI for your company.

Best quality of work outputs

Better data means better decisions. Salespeople actively using Salesforce means better quality of your customer data and sales forecasts. CSRs providing the right answer to customers' questions during the first contact means better CSAT scores. Fewer data entry mistakes mean less re-work and less costs.

Signs you need to revisit your User Experience

Many companies invest in Salesforce, but only some maximize its potential. We help to return your trust in CRM technology by putting your user experience at its heart.
Entering data into Salesforce is time-consuming
Your functionality is too complex
You are looking to maximize productivity
You have concerns about your solution scalability
You want to integrate more business processes into Salesforce
Your data quality is poor
Your user adoption metrics are low
You are considering other CRM solutions

UX engagement options with Ideaport Riga

UX Mini Project

2-4 weeks
UX mini-project is a fixed-priced project with clearly defined UX activities and deliverables based on co-created goals and scope.

UX Work in Sprints

Continuous Development
Once you see the clear value UX can bring for your Salesforce project, we can start implementation and perform UX activities on an ongoing basis.
Salesforce Workshop

Discover the impact of Salesforce UX improvement

Sign-up for a FREE 1:1 workshop

Sign-up to our FREE workshop led by our team of Salesforce UX strategists. Together, we will explore your UX challenges and prepare possible solutions.

Increase Salesforce User Adoption


Download the eBook and learn:

1     What are the true costs of neglected User Experience (UX)

2    What is the business case for investments in UX Design

3    What are the principles of UX improvement

Ebook Guide to improving Salesforce adoption
Salesforce employee presenting a project

Evaluate your Salesforce user experience in just 2 minutes

Use this simple industry-standard self-assessment tool to find out how your own User Experience scores and whether you should prioritize Salesforce User Experience improvements.

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How can we help you?

No matter where you are in your Salesforce journey, we can help you achieve your business goals. Fill out the form below, and we will get back to you shortly.
Dace Cirule-Head of Business Development


How do I know which UX engagement option would work for me?
We suggest starting with small steps – feel free to schedule the Discovery call and we will co-create the answer to your question.
What’s inside the UX mini project?
We have packed all proven UX methods and a design thinking approach into the form of a mini project. Typically, the project takes 2 weeks and as an output delivers:
  • List of identified UX problems (functional, technical)
  • Recommendations
  • To-be solution prototype
  • User Effort Score before and after
  • Estimates and plan for implementation
How much does a UX mini project cost?
It depends on the scope. If you are interested in how much similar projects cost then feel free to schedule a Discovery call and let’s discuss.
What’s inside the UX work in sprints?
This is the most flexible project-based phase where the development team typically works with the UX-er to gather feedback, measure adoption, and onboard users.


We are eager to discuss your business needs, and answer any questions you may have. Send us a message and then we’ll figure out the next move together.

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