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Transform your Siebel CRM user experience with Ideaport services.
Simplify the UI, increase users’ productivity and drive system adoption.

Signs you need to revisit your Siebel user experience

Whenever we partner with a new Siebel client, they often report facing challenges similar to those outlined below. Do these resonate with you? If that's the case, we're here to streamline your Siebel user flows through advanced UX and AI, making sure Siebel serves your business well into the future.

Users perceive Siebel as complex to use

Completing tasks in Siebel is time-consuming
Business users find Siebel's UI outdated
CRM data quality is unsatisfactory
It takes a long time for new users to learn Siebel
System performance is slow, prone to freezing
Your Siebel user adoption/ engagement metrics are low
You are considering other CRM solutions

Demonstration of Siebel UX Transformation

Be ready to witness creation in action and discover how our Siebel UX Transformation can elevate your CRM experience.
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What makes Ideaport an excellent Siebel UX transformation partner?

Let's face it: fixing Siebel UX problems requires more than adding a modern Open UI theme. Large companies operating in various markets use Siebel to handle a wide range of products and complex business processes. Although Siebel can accommodate these complex requirements, the customization often neglects usability, ruining the entire user experience and, ultimately, system adoption.  

Here is the good news: we can fix your Siebel UX issues with a small portion of the investments required to reimplement another CRM.

Our Siebel UX innovations

Engagement Process

Choosing a partner for your Siebel UX transformation is vital. While Ideaport Riga

may not rank among the global giants in CRM consultancy, we have earned a

respected and admired position in the Oracle Siebel UX community.

Experience working with Ideaport Riga in a gradual, risk-free way.


Discovery Workshops

Begin your partnership with Ideaport through two free workshops. These sessions are designed to foster mutual understanding of the UX, acquaint us with your Siebel application, and to agree on the forthcoming project’s nature and scope.


UX Mini-projects

Our UX mini-project offers a fixed-price solution with clearly defined UX research, solution prototyping and validation activities and deliverables. We can scope it to fit your immediate needs and priorities best without long-term commitments.

Ongoing UX Work

After experiencing the benefits of Design Thinking and UX in your Siebel project, we can broaden our partnership. This phase involves streamlining of the new Siebel user flows and initiating user adoption management.

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We help leading European businesses and organizations get the most out of their Siebel CRM investments.
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How can we help you?

Our experience has consistently demonstrated that great UX is crucial for the success of CRM implementations. We're eager to explore how improved UX can significantly benefit your Siebel CRM system. Fill out the form, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.
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How do I know which UX engagement option would work for me?
We suggest starting with small steps – feel free to schedule the Discovery call and we will co-create the answer to your question.
What’s inside the UX mini project?
We have packed all proven UX methods and a design thinking approach into the form of a mini project. Typically, the project takes 2 weeks and as an output delivers:
  • List of identified UX problems (functional, technical)
  • Recommendations
  • To-be solution prototype
  • User Effort Score before and after
  • Estimates and plan for implementation
How much does a UX mini project cost?
It depends on the scope. If you are interested in how much similar projects cost then feel free to schedule a Discovery call and let’s discuss.
What’s inside the UX work in sprints?
This is the most flexible project-based phase where the development team typically works with the UX-er to gather feedback, measure adoption, and onboard users.

Get in touch

We are eager to discuss your business needs, and answer any questions you may have. Send us a message and then we’ll figure out the next move together.
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