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Why Idea Port Riga?

A family-like workplace with startup vibes for IT folks on fire, who love well-designed software, creative problem solving, open communication and a flat hierarchy 

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Superior colleagues

Idea Port Riga - it's all about people. People who love their jobs and enjoy their peer relationships, even being introverted in nature. We believe that happy teams are more productive at work. It is such a relief to have professional colleagues who share your values and outlook! Idea Port Riga attracts positive, open-minded talent who thrive on solving complex challenges. The harder, the better. We hire experienced, confident people with exceptional character. We then set them free in a collaborative human-centred environment with the mission to help Idea Port Riga clients succeed. Even if that means saying “NO”.


No corporate bullshit

We hate wasting time on bureaucracy & management overhead. That's why we left a big corporation twelve years ago and started a company where people value and respect each and everyone. From the very beginning, we shared everything, starting with decision making and ending in sharing revenue among employees. We are growing and haven't changed much since then: we have kept a flat structure, focused on clear outcomes: meeting clients' needs well and in time. Our internal processes are practical and straightforward. No meetings for the sake of meetings. No pretend-work for the sake of hours. Watch the video, to learn how Idea Port Riga is different from other workplaces.


Freedom to act

Freedom comes with responsibilities — responsibility for results, performance and added value. Our people accept a high level of accountability and ownership of the individual results. We have a strong team that will help you learn, but we expect you to have solid skills in at least one area. In projects, we share knowledge, give support and provide feedback. With all that, you must show initiative: your mom isn't working here. We offer high levels of autonomy and expect people to take responsibilities as they go. At Idea Port Riga you grow professionally to reach your full potential and make an impact at work. Watch the video to learn what people like about working at Idea Port Riga.

3 Steps to join Idea Port Riga

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life

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1. Apply to the desired position


2. Get a job offer within 15 work days


3. Go in the field to discover your powers

Start the next chapter of your IT career today

We offer two cooperation options: freelance contracts or employment agreements. Our projects’ pipeline looks good and we are looking for more great teammates, who can help us in the following positions:


Freelance positions

For those who value freedom the most

Our hiring team did a great job in recruiting applicants, so we have no openings left for freelancers at the moment. Follow us on social media to stay in touch!

Employment positions

For those, who prefer to play it safe

Future opportunities

If you don’t see any current opportunities that fit your experience and education, we encourage you to follow Idea Port Riga on LinkedIn and Facebook so that when an opportunity becomes available, you’ll be one of the first to know!

Meet the team

Work doesn’t have to feel like work, but more like enjoying the good life! Watch videos below to get to know your future teammates :)

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Idea Port Riga insights

How Idea Port Riga is different from other workplaces

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Idea Port Riga insights

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It's a fun time

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