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What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is the world’s #1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform which helps in managing business processes, customer relationships and sales. 

 The main purpose of the platform is to enhance sales performance and provide better customer service. Nowadays Salesforce​​ is in extremely high demand and provides many tools for marketing, lead management, sales, and other functionalities. 

What are the benefits of Ideaport Riga
Salesforce Bootcamp?
Upon completion of Salesforce Bootcamp, the best performers will receive job offers from Ideaport Riga. During the first steps at the new position, further mentoring will be provided to help you build a career of a front-end or back-end developer, or integrator/configurator, business consultant, Salesforce administrator or UX specialist. 



Bootcamp Details

Training dates : updates will follow

Format: 3 weeks long

Location: Dārzciema 91, Ideaport Riga office

Language: English, Latvian or Russian

Application deadline: updates will follow

Workshop format​:
During studies, participants implement projects in authentic, true-to-life scenarios.​
The goal is to make the learning process both fun and interactive, reflecting real project work instead of a boring ‘theory & test’ approach.


  • Salesforce Platform Basics
  • Development Tools 
  • Data Model
  • Declarative Customization Tools
  • Apex Fundamentals (Java-like programming language)
  • User Interface Customization (JavaScript, HTML, CSS)
  • Integrations

​Graduation event  🧑‍🎓
Upon the completion of the bootcamp, a graduation ceremony will follow to celebrate the end of the studies 🥳.


Who can apply

Due to the specifics of the study program, the applicants require at least some basic knowledge in the IT sphere.

 Apply if you are

  • IT/Computer Science student (starting from year 2). We can also help with your internship;
  • an IT specialist with previous background/experience, willing to change your career focus;
  • interested in learning world's No. 1 CRM platform and getting a job offer.



What you will gain

Join our Salesforce Bootcamp to learn about world's No. 1 CRM platform, for free!


Learn from our best Salesforce professionals who love what they do ❤️.


Get practical knowledge during the 3-week course based on true-to-life projects scenarios.


Study Salesforce in a friendly environment without stress, with free lunches 🍲 and other good benefits.


Graduation party on the rooftop, and Best Student prize 🎁!

Receive a certificate, and even a job offer upon a successful completion of the course.


And that’s not all!

  • You will receive two cinema tickets 🎦 after you are accepted to Bootcamp, to celebrate the start of your studies!

  • The Salesforce Bootcamp will take place at a modern fully equipped office, with unlimited coffee ☕, table tennis, novus, table football and PS5 for some fun during your coffee breaks.

3 steps to join the Salesforce Bootcamp


1. Fill in application form

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2. Pass the screening interview

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3. Join Salesforce Bootcamp to learn about world's No. 1 CRM platform!

Why join Salesforce Bootcamp?

First of all, Ideaport Riga is an awesome team. Together we create a healthy workplace for passionate IT folks, where we treat each other fairly and get inspired by customers' success.
Our world is changing rapidly. More and more of our clients build their businesses by t
aking advantages of the Salesforce platform. To help them succeed, we need more qualified Salesforce specialists - passionate IT guys like us. We believe that our efforts in providing you with knowledge, and your desire to learn, will result in the successful outcome!


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Are you an IT/Computer Science student?
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Are you interested in learning Salesforce - world's No. 1 CRM platform and getting a job offer?

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