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Azure Mobile Services approach to Offline Data Support

Sep 17, 2015 9:28:05 AM / by Guntis Valters posted in Azure, Enterprise, Microsoft, Mobile, Mobile Service, .NET, Offline Data


It’s not something new that Mobile Phones and Mobile Applications comes into our daily life, and they come not only as a tool for communication and entertainment. Many enterprises adopt mobile technologies to give their field workers ability to fulfill operations that previously could be done only in office.

Enterprise mobile applications are recognized as a separate class of mobile application. Microsoft outlines a set of features important to enterprise users and providing tools and practices to fulfill them.

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Achieving Silver Partner status in Application Development

Jan 28, 2015 10:00:30 AM / by Jevgenijs Rogovs posted in .NET


Having been a Microsoft partner since 2010, Idea Port Riga has now achieved yet another major milestone in the partner program, becoming Microsoft Silver Partner in Application Development. This qualification requires both certified technology professionals on staff, and confirmed client references – thus emphasizing our ongoing commitment to creating, delivering and maintaining innovative custom solutions and services based on Microsoft technologies.

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Siebel Open UI: Nexus Bridge


Nexus Bridge: Unlock Rich UX for the Siebel Open UI

Nexus Bridge makes it possible to use React, Vue.js, Angular as a native part of the Siebel Open UI. No need for REST and IFrame, just the extension of the Open UI. Developed as a part of the Nexus'19 project, Nexus Bridge is available to everyone for free under the MIT license. Learn more about Nexus Bridge for Siebel >>

Siebel Open UI: UX Transformation


Siebel UX Transformation: Make your Siebel users super productive

We bring the best UX methods and tools to research your users' needs and turn Siebel Open UI into the great looking easy-to-use application, that gives users what they really want: being super productive.  Learn more about Siebel UX transformation>>

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