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Using Redis Lua scripting for complex queues

Jul 16, 2015 9:03:52 AM / by Jevgenijs Rogovs posted in Redis


Redis is described by its author Salvatore Sanfilippo as a “strange project”. It’s a distributed cache, it’s an in-memory key-value store, and it’s a notification (publish/subscribe) server. A kind of all-in-one, which is actually good at everything it does. Although Redis keys and values are essentially just strings, one can group them into lists, sets, hashes and all-powerful sorted sets. It also stores numbers very efficiently, which makes such values consume less memory and enables fast numerical operations on them (like atomic increments).

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Siebel Open UI: Nexus Bridge


Nexus Bridge: Unlock Rich UX for the Siebel Open UI

Nexus Bridge makes it possible to use React, Vue.js, Angular as a native part of the Siebel Open UI. No need for REST and IFrame, just the extension of the Open UI. Developed as a part of the Nexus'19 project, Nexus Bridge is available to everyone for free under the MIT license. Learn more about Nexus Bridge for Siebel >>

Siebel Open UI: UX Transformation


Siebel UX Transformation: Make your Siebel users super productive

We bring the best UX methods and tools to research your users' needs and turn Siebel Open UI into the great looking easy-to-use application, that gives users what they really want: being super productive.  Learn more about Siebel UX transformation>>

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