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"Nexus Face: a faster way to great Siebel UX": webinar's link and notes

On June 2, we hosted the first public Nexus Face webinar, with 65 people attending. 

The YouTube video is 42 minutes long. For viewers' convenience, we added the webinar's main messages with time-codes. With time-codes, you can directly go to the recording section, which interests you the most.

For more information on Nexus Face and Early Adopter offering, check out this page:


00:35 Fix Siebel UX, and you get a powerful CRM platform

In its latest CRM study, Nucleus Research praises Siebel CRM for its breadth of capabilities, yet points out that it lags in usability. 


01:50 Our 2019 innovation - Nexus Bridge - made it easy to use modern web frameworks and component libraries within Siebel UI.

Nexus Bridge is freely accessible on Github:

Yet, similarly to jQuery-based custom Open UI, building UI with modern frameworks requires significant effort. 


03:26 The latest innovation - Nexus Face - makes it possible to build modern Siebel UI in a drag-and-drop manner.


03:42 Nexus Face solves the Siebel Open UI dilemma.

  • Standard UI: easy to build and maintain, yet poor usability
  • Custom UI: great UX; however, expensive to develop and maintain

We offer 3rd alternative - Nexus Face generated UI: modern UI design in record time.


05:22 Compared to custom code UI, with Nexus Face

  • it takes less time investment to build the UI;
  • the current Siebel team can use the tool: advanced web skills are NOT required;
  • it is simpler to maintain improved UI. 


08:53 Nexus Face demo: Showcase Midnight UI; now built with Nexus Face


10:49 Nexus Face demo: Building blocks

  • UI application consists of pages and page fragments, where we add components. Then we style these components and map them to Siebel fields. 
  • local design system (extendable component library + styling according to customers' brand book)
  • API - connection to Siebel is made via Nexus Bridge and leverages Open UI's Presentation Models content


13:28 Nexus Face demo: adding a Kanban board to existing Midnight UI to display sales opportunities


18:18 Nexus Face demo: adding a Knob component with opportunity win probability field


20:10 Nexus Face demo: making a cleaner UI with dynamic page fragments and dynamic actions


26:20 Nexus Face functional overview

  • Local Design System: Component library + Design tokens
  • Data sources
  • UI composition principles
  • Output: Vue.js components, which in the higher environment are managed by Nexus Face Runtime module


29:58 Become Early Adopter of Nexus Face this summer

Nexus Face entered the public preview phase, and we are searching for three more Early Adopter customers. 

  • Phase one: free pilot for 2-3 weeks
  • Phase two: initial implementation by Idea Port Riga, using Nexus Sprints methodology (2-4 months)
  • Phase three: the customer's existing team continues Siebel UX improvement on their own with some Idea Port Riga support


33:43 Benefits for Nexus Face's early adopters:

  • a free pilot project;
  • significant discounts on the product's subscription fee;
  • free training.


34:57 Nexus Face subscription fee for 2020

18 EUR per Siebel end-user per year, which is 

1% of Salesforce Sales or Service Enterprise Edition publicly quoted subscription fee.

With a small fraction of Salesforce subscription costs, Nexus Face can help you to modernize your Siebel UI. Once you fix Siebel UI, you will have a powerful CRM tool while retaining all your prior investments in integration and customization within the platform.


36:41 Q&A on Nexus Face:

  • performance impact;
  • should Siebel applets be developed or not (yes, they should)


Next Steps

Learn more about Nexus Face and apply for a pilot project here:

Learn more about our methodology and technology for Siebel UX transformation here:


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