Elevating your Siebel CRM back into the Leader Quadrant

According to the study "CRM Technology Value Matrix 2020" by Nucleus Research, "many organizations continue to maintain investments in Oracle Siebel simply because of the breadth of capabilities and data model complexities supported by the platform." At the same time, "the product falls behind in usability," which keeps the Siebel CRM out of the Leader Quadrant. 

We made the process of improving Siebel's usability straightforward. Fix Siebel UX, and you will have a modern CRM tool while retaining all your prior investments in integration and customization within the platform.


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CRM Quadrant

Ultimate Siebel usability solution

For three years, we have been refining both technology and methodology for successful Siebel UX transformations. Learn about the Nexus tool-set we created to make your Siebel UX project deliver substantial improvements for business and users alike in a cost-efficient manner.

Nexus Sprints

We took Design Thinking, the process that leading consumer-focused companies use to create great user experiences, and adopted it pragmatically for the Siebel world. Pick one Siebel functional area, and within three weeks we will have it researched, re-designed and validated, ready for developers to start their work.

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Nexus Bridge

The Nexus Bridge is an open-source JavaScript library that wraps around sixty Siebel Open UI methods and properties. It exposes the Open UI API, making it easier to build engaging Siebel UI using modern UI component libraries and advanced JavaScript UI frameworks, like React, Vue.js, and Angular.

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Nexus Face

Nexus Face is a brand-new low-code development tool for Siebel CRM experts to create an appealing UI in record time. It comes with an extendable and customizable set of contemporary UI components and works with Siebel data using Nexus Bridge, thus leveraging your existing business logic and configuration.

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Nexus Face Pilot Project Limited Time Offer

After nine months in development, Nexus Face has entered the public preview phase. We are looking for five four three two one more Siebel CRM client willing to run a free Nexus Face pilot project together with Idea Port Riga until August 31, 2020. 

Nexus Face Early Adopters receive the following additional benefits:

  • Substantial discounts on Nexus Face annual fees*,
  • Free 2-day training*,
  • 30% discount on one Nexus Sprints standard project.
* if you subscribe to Nexus Face before September 30, 2020.


The pilot project takes 2-3 weeks to deliver and has two phases:

Phase 1

UI development using Nexus Face, based on your UI Design and Siebel view configuration;

Phase 2

Nexus Face and UI configuration deployment into your Siebel environment, followed by the completed UI demonstration to the business stakeholders.

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Learn more about Siebel Open UI Transformation with the Nexus suite

"Nexus Face: a faster way to great Siebel UX": webinar's link and notes

On June 2, we hosted the first public Nexus Face webinar, with 65 people attending. 

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