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Webinar Series: Hedging your Siebel Career

Posted by Juris Terauds on Mar 25, 2021 10:30:55 PM

Three months ago, Ideaport hosted a four-episode webinar series entitled "Three initiatives to transform your Siebel CRM in 2021." After the introductory overview webinar, we dived each initiative's details, covering such topics as Siebel Cloud Native Architecture, Siebel - Kafka integration and Siebel UX transformation using Ideaport tools and methods. Ready to access the recordings? They are right here

Now it's the time for another webinar series, "Hedging your Siebel career", with three episodes.

webinars_hedge_siebelWhile there are still plenty of Siebel projects for now, what will happen in the future? Oracle has been pushing its clients into the CX cloud for years. Recently they announced the strategy for new vertical CRM SaaS products, with DX4C being the first one. Many of our customers are moving from Siebel CRM into Salesforce.

As Siebel professionals, what other market-relevant skills can we learn and practice while still working on our day-to-day Siebel projects? In this webinar series during March and April, we will share with you some ideas:

  • Web development (for Open UI lovers who are brave enough to go beyond jQuery)
  • Kubernetes and Kafka (suitable for Siebel admins and integration folk)
  • User Experience (good stuff to throw into the skillsets of Business analysts' as well as for UI guys willing to do both UI design and UI development) 

We held our first webinar on March 30th, where we spoke about UX. We discussed the following topics:

  • How UX complements Business Analysis in making better solutions for your business
  • Design Thinking: the core process of the UX industry
  • What are Design Systems, and how they accelerate UI design. Spoiler alert: with a Design System in place, you don't have to be a "visual" person to design great UI
  • UX Roles
  • Resources for further learning
  • Getting to your first UX mini-project
Here are the links for you: 40-minute long YouTube video and PDF slide deck.
See you on our future webinars!

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