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Jevgenijs Rogovs

Jevgenijs Rogovs

Documenting your RESTful API with Swagger

On one of my recent projects I’ve been asked to describe how our Restful API can be consumed by a third party service. In a SOAP world this task usually boils down to providing a WSDL, which can simplify understanding of exposed API, and can also be used for generating API clients in a most standardized manner.

A few more tricks to manipulate PropertySets

In my previous article I described some basic tricks that are helpful for working with property sets. Here I am going to describe a few more tricks, which are still simple enough to quickly incorporate those in your daily routine. For doing something more complex, you can consider scripting, just as we did when we decided that workflows with huge number of steps are quite difficult and time consuming to develop and maintain.

Agile retrospectives: tips and tricks

When practicing any of the agile software development methodologies – despite an inherent flexibility of those – it is rather important at least to start with a “by the book” approach. This means that when you roll out your agile processes, you try to implement each and every aspect of it, even if that seems useless or not required in your particular situation. Only then you can see from experience that something needs to be tailored – and a retrospective is a powerful tool to facilitate that kind of team learning.

Scrum: is the bullet really silver?

Scrum, being one of the most well-known lightweight agile process frameworks, is used a lot nowadays. But are we using it right? One might argue that an adaptable framework suggests no „wrong” uses – you’d simply tune it so that it suits your needs just perfectly. Although that might be the case in theory, but looking at how real-world Scrum projects cope with different situations, one might come to a conclusion that it isn’t as straightforward as it seems...

Visiting Gartner Summit 2015 in London

On 18-19 of May in the heart of London “Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit” took place. Most probably, you’ve heard about Gartner in relation to their famous Magic Quadrants that emphasize leaders in selected categories. Nevertheless, they do a lot of other interesting stuff including various events organization.

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