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Improving Salesforce UX: a Business Case

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Enhancing the user experience (UX) of Salesforce is not only crucial for user satisfaction but also holds significant business value. In this blog post, we will explore the monetary impact of improved UX and highlight the additional benefits that come with it, such as better decision-making, unlocking innovation, and higher return on investment (ROI) in Salesforce.

Let us start with a simple calculation of monetary impact.


The monetary impact of Salesforce UX improvement

Measuring the monetary impact of UX improvement is a straightforward process. By comparing the cost of completing a task before and after UX improvement, companies can quantify the financial benefits. The calculation involves determining the time spent on the task, multiplying it by the frequency of task completion, the number of employees, and the average cost per full-time equivalent (FTE) employee. The result provides the annual cost of the task.


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For instance, let's consider a company with 500 frontline employees entering customer orders. Each employee spends an average of 3 minutes per order, completing 10 orders daily. With 251 working days per year, this translates to 62 750 hours or circa 34 FTE spent on the task annually. If the average cost per FTE is 45 000 Euros, the annual cost of the task amounts to 1.53 Million Euros.

By implementing UX improvements that reduce the task completion time from 3 to 2 minutes, representing a 33% time saving, the company can potentially save 504 900 Euros annually.






Average time to complete the task 3 minutes    
Times task ir performed per day 10 3 x x10 30 minutes or 0.5 hours
Times number of working days per year[1] 251 251 x 30 7 530 minutes
or 125.5 hours
Times number of employees 500 500 x 125.5 62 750 hours
Divide by annual work hours of FTE[2] 1 848 62 750 / 1 848 34 FTE
Times average cost of FTE 45 000 Eur 45 000 x 34 1 530 000 Eur


While the monetary value of improved UX can be easily calculated, it is essential to recognize the additional benefits that come with enhanced Salesforce UX.


Use of AI and Better Decision Making

A well-designed UX facilitates the timely availability of accurate business data, enabling business leaders to make informed decisions. Moreover, reliable business data serves as a foundation for AI-based innovation. Poor UX can lead to data entry errors or resistance to system adoption by employees, hindering the availability of reliable data and limiting the company’s AI-driven innovation.


Unlocking Innovation

A successful UX implementation not only ensures smoother operations but also fosters a culture of innovation within the organization. As employees gain confidence and familiarity with the system, they are more likely to explore innovative possibilities and leverage the platform's capabilities for continuous improvement. A synergistic relationship between a successful implementation and great user experience stimulates innovation throughout the company.


Higher ROI in Salesforce

Implementing strategic business software like Salesforce requires a substantial investment. By prioritizing user experience from the outset, organizations can minimize the risk of poor user adoption and project failure. A positive user experience drives user satisfaction, productivity, and the availability of timely business information for decision-making. Additionally, a better internal user experience translates to a better customer experience and reduced onboarding time for new employees.


Retaining your best employees

Gone are the days of employees tolerating subpar software. Today, users expect workplace apps to match the ease of use and functionality of consumer apps. The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened these expectations. According to research by Adobe, 32% of workers have left jobs due to technology barriers, up from 22% before the pandemic.

Ignoring user experience poses the risk of turnover, productivity loss, and disengagement. Furthermore, the costs associated with replacing an employee can easily reach 1.5 to 2 times their annual salary, making employee attrition a significant financial burden.

Prioritizing exceptional UX boosts productivity, satisfaction, and attracts top talent.



Companies cannot afford to disregard employee experience with workplace technology anymore. Improving the UX of Salesforce yields tangible business value. By calculating the monetary impact of UX improvements, companies can quantify the financial benefits.

However, it is crucial not to overlook the broader advantages, including better decision-making, unlocking innovation, and achieving a higher ROI in Salesforce.

Prioritizing UX from the beginning ensures user satisfaction, adoption, and the successful attainment of business objectives. With a comprehensive understanding of the business case for improved Salesforce UX, organizations can drive positive change and elevate their overall performance.


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[1] Working days per year may differ depending on country and year.

[2] Annual work hours may differ from country to country.

Salesforce UX User Experience Business Case

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