See the difference: Discover real impact of Salesforce UX improvement

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Discover the impact of Salesforce UX improvement

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Customizing Salesforce is essential, but it often results in increased complexity. This makes tasks difficult and time-consuming for users.
It doesn't have to be that way.
Sign-up to our FREE workshop led by our team of Salesforce UX strategists. Together, we will explore your UX challenges and prepare possible solutions.

What’s included?

We offer a complete 3-step process to develop practical proposals for solving 3 to 5-user task-flows.

Step 1

To get started, our UX strategists will contact you to discuss workshop details, address any questions you might have, and agree upon a suitable time.

Step 2

In the first part of the workshop, we gather information about the business process, user roles, and application tasks. The session follows a "show and tell" format, where you share your challenges and priorities with us and answer questions.

Step 3

We highlight specific UX issues in the second session and propose possible solutions. Additionally, we will recommend the scope and format for the mini-project focusing on a particular user role and their tasks.

As a result of the workshop you will:

  • Know what it takes to solve your UX challenges
  • Have first-hand experience working with our team
  • Be able to proceed to a solution of your choice

All this is FREE of charge for qualified companies*.

*This offer is only available extended to companies with at least 50 active Salesforce users

Who would be working with you?


Dace Cīrule

Salesforce UX Strategist, Head of Business Development of IdeaPort Riga

Dace works with CRM systems and user experience projects dating back to 2008.

Since then, she has specialized in Salesforce user experience design and has successfully led over 20 projects, transforming the Salesforce user experience for clients across Europe.

Juris Tērauds

CRM UX Strategist Co-founder and Managing Director of IdeaPort Riga

Juris has extensive experience in enterprise-class CRM system User Experience, with a career from 2000. He holds multiple UX certifications, including prestigious ones by the renowned Nielsen Norman group.

With his profound experience and unwavering passion for User Experience, Juris has emerged as a true authority in the field of User Experience.


What happens after I sign-up?

After the sign-up, you will be contacted by one of our strategists to agree to the intro call.
On the call, we will discuss your situation and decide about the workshop dates and setup.

Why Ideaport Riga?

Over 16 years in CRM business
Certified Salesforce Consulting partner
90+ employees
Located in Latvia
Extensive design
Speed up implementation
Tried and tested
Reduce implementation risks
Extensive integration
Get most of your technologies
+83 NPS
Extremely high customer satisfaction
Design Thinking
Prevent failures and reduce costs

Break Away from Constraints of Poor User Experience!

See how it works spending just a few hours of your time

Take the first step by signing up. Our UX strategists will reach out to you for an intro call to discuss the workshop setting and agree on the time of a FREE, no-obligation workshop. You will be able to learn our approach, and experience working together and decide if it makes sense.


About Ideaport Riga

Ideaport Riga is a Salesforce Consulting Partner with a focus on User Experience design, integration and extending Salesforce with custom mobile and web apps.

It was established in Riga, Latvia in 2007 and has over 85 employees. With more than 15 years of experience in enterprise CRM application UX design, the company is certified by the prestigious Nielsen Norman Group.

Apart from Salesforce, it also possesses deep competencies in Oracle’s Siebel and HubSpot CRM. Additionally, the company holds technical and design certifications from various entities such as Salesforce, Oracle and Microsoft.

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