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Train your Einstein Chatbot using ChatGPT

It is no surprise that Digital service channels are being used a lot more than before the pandemic. Consumers have embraced self-service, chatbots and live chat more in recent years, raising the digital expectation bar. By providing a poor Chatbot experience to your customers, you run the risk of customer churn. Since the rise of ChatGPT, we recommend that organizations invest in the latest generation of chatbots (like Einstein Chatbot) and pay closer attention to chatbot experience design and shift from menu-based to NLP-based or hybrid bots.

Salesforce Einstein Bot is a powerful tool that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve the customer service experience. With the help of Natural Language Processing (NLP), you can make your Chatbot more conversational and smarter. But this takes time – you need to train and refine it to improve the accuracy of the intent detection.

One of the challenges that face our customers in projects is training the Chatbot with a unique set of questions (utterances); for example, you need to enter at least 20 similar questions to make the model more accurate. The more variations you provide, the better the bot understands your consumers. With the help of OpenAI’s GPT model, we have created a straightforward integration that soothes the pain and allows you to save Chatbot setup time and costs.

Here in the video below, we showcase:

  • Navigate to the Ideaport Riga website to find one of our FAQ questions.
  • Add a question in the tailor-made Salesforce custom app and press the button “Get Question options” that triggers the integration to ChatGPT.
  • Receive responses back from ChatGPT via the integration.
  • Edit and delete inaccurate or irrelevant questions.
  • Save generated questions (utterances) back to the intent and continue with the Chatbot setup.
  • Test how it works and continue with the Chatbot setup.

This process will help you while setting up your Chatbot for the first time; following the Go Live, we recommend using Input Recommender (Beta), which helps to generate utterances based on your client inputs.

Please note that this integration is built to showcase possibilities; we don’t recommend implementing this without considering your security requirements. Furthermore, you should always review integration responses before adding them to the right intent set.


Do you want to know more about Einstein Bots? Here at Ideaport Riga we can help you. Do not hesitate and write to us here.

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