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Ideaport Riga blog: Future of CRM - Salesforce, Siebel, and GenAI solutions

Highlights from Salesforce World Tour London 2024

Ideaport Riga had the privilege of participating in the Salesforce World Tour London 2024 as a proud sponsor. This remarkable event was an excellent opportunity to engage with Salesforce users and partners from different industries, backgrounds, and geographies.

Ideaport Riga at Salesforce World Tour London 2024


Engaging with a Diverse Community

From innovative startups to established enterprises, the diversity of participants highlighted the widespread adoption and influence of Salesforce across various sectors. This diversity brought unique perspectives and insights, making every interaction meaningful and enriching.


Highlights of the London event:

Salesforce Picks London as Its First AI Center:

Salesforce, the #1 AI CRM, has selected London as the location for its first AI Center. This physical space will encourage collaboration by bringing together industry experts, partners, and customers to advance AI innovation and provide critical upskilling opportunities.


Salesforce Announces Data Cloud Vector Database:

At the London event, Salesforce announced the general availability of Data Cloud Vector Database. This will help businesses unify and unlock the power of 90% of customer data that is trapped in PDFs, emails, transcripts, and other unstructured formats.


Salesforce Launches Data Cloud on Hyperforce to Empower UK Businesses:

Salesforce has announced that Data Cloud will be available on Hyperforce, the trusted platform architecture built on the public cloud, in the United Kingdom (UK) starting on July 31, 2024.


'Maximizing CRM Adoption in the AI Era'

Ideaport Riga taking part at Salesforce World Tour London 2024 as a proud sponsor

A standout session that captivated our attention was 'Maximizing CRM adoption in the AI Era.' This insightful discussion delved into a pervasive challenge faced by numerous companies: the quest for seamless CRM adoption in the midst of AI advancements. Emphasizing the key role of simplicity and user experience, the session shed light on the essential elements for a successful CRM implementation.



Ideaport Riga at Salesforce World Tour London 2024

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