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Ideaport Riga blog: Future of CRM - Salesforce, Siebel, and GenAI solutions

Bringing GenAI to Siebel: Oracle Siebel CRM events in Sweden & Finland

In April 2024, Ideaport Riga participated in Oracle Siebel CRM events held in Sweden and Finland. During the event, Ideaport Riga showcased the potential of Magnet AI to transform the CRM landscape. Magnet AI is a free and open-source solution that offers innovative capabilities to revolutionize customer relationship management.


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The presentation highlighted Magnet AI's ability to empower businesses with GenAI functionalities within the Siebel CRM framework. Let's explore the highlights of the presentation to understand how Magnet AI is changing the game for CRM.


Exploring GenAI Use Cases in Siebel CRM

During the presentation, Juris, the founder of Ideaport Riga, shared a detailed overview of the various GenAI use cases in CRM. These use cases demonstrate how artificial intelligence can help in simplifying the CRM processes. However, the real magic happened when Juris showcased how Magnet AI can bring these use cases to life within Siebel CRM.


1. Summarization and Classification of Service Requests

Magnet AI streamlines service request handling for businesses by automating the summarization and classification of service requests using advanced algorithms. This leads to faster and more accurate resolution of customer issues, resulting in improved operational efficiency and personalized customer service.


2. Semantic Search / Q&A

In today's fast-paced world, customers expect prompt and accurate responses to their inquiries. Magnet AI meets these expectations by providing semantic search and Q&A functionalities within Siebel CRM. By utilizing natural language processing, Magnet AI enables users to access relevant information quickly, resulting in smooth customer interactions.


3. End-to-End Inbound Email Processing

Email processing can be a time-consuming task, but with Magnet AI, businesses can automate the entire workflow within Siebel CRM. This includes parsing incoming emails and generating insights that can help improve customer communications. By automating the process, response times can be accelerated and valuable insights can be gained.


Watch a full demonstration of Magnet AI in action:


Learn More About Magnet AI

Discover how Magnet AI can revolutionize your business operations and elevate customer experiences. Visit Ideaport Riga's Magnet AI page for more information.

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