Optimizing Sales Operations: How Ideaport Riga Transformed Primekss’ Salesforce User Experience

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Client Overview

Primekss, founded in 1997, is a leading concrete technology company and specialized concrete contractor working in more than 25 countries around the world, having own Concrete R&D center and employing more than 350 people.

The company has developed and patented own truly joint-less, Steel Fiber Reinforced Self –Stressing concrete flooring technology – PrīmX. The technology eliminates negative effects caused by concrete drying shrinkage thus allowing for more efficient structural designs, meaningful benefits for built constructions, and reduction of environmental levy – up to 70% saved CO2 emissions.

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Primekss had been using Salesforce since 2015, implementing it with internal resources. However, the user experience and adoption were poor. The overall attitude towards Salesforce technology within the organization was predominantly negative. 

Users perceived it as a mere obligation for entering the data required for financial forecasting. Previously, Primekss faced challenges in managing scattered information across various platforms. The potential of Salesforce for customer management and customer data input was largely neglected. Instead of utilizing the system for its intended purpose, employees relied on various other tools, such as Dropbox, Excel, email, and other applications, resulting in a disjointed and disorganized workflow. As a result, when the need arose for comprehensive data analysis and reporting, employees encountered difficulties in accessing and retrieving relevant information. 

"I joined Primekss in 2019, and I quickly realized that I needed to gain a better understanding of Salesforce and explore its untapped potential. It was evident that we were not utilizing most of Salesforce’s functionalities. Additionally, Salesforce is a product that comes at a considerable cost,”

says Laura Barbara Vanaga, Business Development Manager

Vanaga explains: “To fully rely on Salesforce for our global sales operations, we needed to ensure that our US-based colleagues could work with US dollars and the imperial system in their daily operations. Constant conversions between the imperial and metric systems, as well as currency calculations, were not feasible. It placed additional demands on employees and could lead to significant errors.” 


To address this, Primekss enlisted the help of Ideaport Riga for a user research and usability audit. The audit proved to be an eye-opening experience, highlighting areas for improvement. It turned out to be an immensely valuable project that completely transformed the role of Salesforce within our company. 
Since the initial audit in 2019, Ideaport Riga has delivered several Salesforce-based solutions. One of the first projects involved implementing a multi-currency functionality in Salesforce. This played a crucial role in driving high Salesforce adoption in Primekss, particularly in markets outside the euro area. 
Ideaport Riga conducted extensive user research in collaboration with sales teams in Europe and the United States. This enabled them to design Salesforce customizations that allowed users to effectively work with their local currencies and measurement systems.
Another significant milestone in Salesforce adoption was the development of a highly specialized tool for concrete floor design calculations. Previous attempts to create such a calculator in a different system had been unsuccessful. However, the Ideaport Riga team swiftly and efficiently delivered a functional solution that met the requirements for Primekss.

Implementation and collaboration

The collaboration with Ideaport Riga began in 2019 and has been ongoing, extending beyond the initial projects. Throughout this period, Ideaport Riga has provided continuous support and expertise to help Primekss improve its internal processes and project management.

“The partnership with Ideaport Riga has been instrumental in ensuring effective communication, streamlining workflows, and delivering projects in a timely manner. Their expertise in user research and prototyping has been invaluable, as they actively involved users in the design and testing phases. This approach ensured that the implemented solutions perfectly aligned with user needs,”

says Vanaga. 

By employing an iterative approach, Ideaport Riga has enabled Primekss to gain a deeper understanding of its own requirements and to enhance existing processes with digitalization. This involved analyzing current workflows, conducting numerous interviews with colleagues to understand their practices, and identifying areas for improvement. 

Vanaga explains: “I greatly appreciate that Ideaport Riga always focuses on understanding our business processes at a foundational level. As a result, the solutions they implement in Salesforce are not mere replicas of existing processes but are designed to optimize data management and provide a user-friendly experience tailored specifically to the needs of our company.” 

“The contribution of Ideaport Riga has been instrumental in transforming Primekss’ Salesforce user experience, turning Salesforce from a tool to be avoided into an essential instrument at the center of a sales manager’s workday,”

Vanaga concludes. 

Business Impact

Thanks to the collaboration with Ideaport Riga, Primekss has achieved the following:

  • Greater Salesforce adoption
  • Increased sales team productivity
  • Reduced business risks

Vanaga states that the overall usage of the system has become more convenient and simplified, leading to increased adoption by employees:

“The tailored solutions provided by Ideaport Riga have made Salesforce more user-friendly, resulting in a more efficient and streamlined workflow. As a result, the information within the
system has become richer and of higher quality. This qualitative and quantitative growth of data has enabled Primekss to gain deeper insights and make more informed decisions regarding their operations.”

By improving the user experience, Salesforce has become the primary tool for sales representatives, providing easy access to calendars, plans, contacts, and project-related details. The system has transformed into a comprehensive platform that facilitates efficient contact management, meeting planning, task tracking, and project monitoring.
Furthermore, the accessibility of the Salesforce platform on both computers and mobile devices has further enhanced usability and convenience for Primekss employees.

As Vanaga comments, “They can quickly record or make calls using their mobile phones while simultaneously having access to a comprehensive history of contacts, discussions, and project involvement. This level of visibility and information availability has minimized the risk associated with employee turnover, as the company retains a complete record of interactions and maintains continuity in customer relationships.”

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