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Nexus'19: Unlock Rich UX for the Siebel Open UI


Nexus'19 makes it possible to use React, Vue.js, Angular as a native part of the Siebel Open UI.

No need for REST and IFrame, just the extension of the Open UI, reusing 100% of your Siebel configuration.

Nexus'19 is available to everyone for free under the MIT license.


Nexus'19 Brings Happiness to the Siebel Community

With the latest Innovation Packs, Oracle had modernized the Siebel configuration and deployment processes. Now let’s bring Siebel UX to the level users expect from web applications in 2019 and make it flourish for another 25 years!


Happy End Users 

As consumers, your end users interact with modern applications daily and their expectations for web experiences are high.

Siebel UX does not meet that standard now, but with Nexus'19 you can fix it. Step by step you can turn Siebel into the beautiful, easy-to-use application that your end users will love.

Happy Business Stakeholders

Compared to jQuery, modern frameworks are making the development of highly interactive web applications faster and less expensive, with smaller codebase to write and maintain.

The beauty of Nexus'19 is that you can both leverage the power of modern web frameworks and fully reuse the Siebel configuration you have been investing in for years.

Happy Siebel UI Developers

Modern web frameworks allow developers to focus more on the application's usability and functionality instead of low-level technical stuff, making the work more meaningful.

With Nexus'19 you will start to apply modern web development approaches in your Siebel project, eventually master them, thus expanding your career options.

Want to see Nexus'19 in action?

Watch a recording of IDEA PORT RIGA's  WEBINAR I: "Bringing Siebel Open UI back to life and glory" , explaining how to transform Siebel Open UI user experience with the help of modern web frameworks and Nexus'19.

Nexus'19 upcoming events: 

WEBINAR II: "Roadmap for your Siebel Open UI transformation journey" 
Modern web development practices speed up the development of highly interactive web applications. But how to decide what experience you need to build? Will your new Siebel UI be easy to use? Will it improve users productivity? How to get stakeholders buy-in for your Siebel UX transformation initiative?Join the webinar to get all the answers you need!


 WEBINAR III: "Building awesome UI based on modern frameworks in Siebel: Getting started" 
Nexus Bridge makes it possible to bring modern web experience to Siebel Open UI by using React, Vue or Angular frameworks. In this webinar, we will cover technical topics of getting started with your own awesome Siebel UI implementation, similar to the Midnight UI.


Nexus'19: Under the Hood

Nexus'19 is a JavaScript library that wraps the Open UI Presentation Model layer and exposes the necessary methods for Vue.js, Angular or React apps to do the physical rendering of the UI. We named this open-source project Nexus'19, after the Nexus project Siebel Systems worked on back in 2003.


Full Siebel Configuration Reuse

Because Nexus'19 operates on top of the Siebel Presentation Models’ layer, your Vue.js, React or Angular application will be 100% aware of read-only or required attributes of business components’ fields, validations, LOVs, picklists, state models, etc.



Gradual Open UI Improvements

With Nexus'19,  your existing jQuery-rendered UI smoothly co-exists and operates with custom Angular/Vue.js/React UI components. You can identify the views and user scenarios, where using modern frameworks can improve UX the most, and gradually upgrade those. 



It is the start of your journey

Installing Nexus’19 won't automagically transform the UI of your Siebel application. Instead, it gives you a way to provide your users with the UX they are looking for and begin your Siebel transformation journey. You will be rebuilding Open UI using the tools of "real" web developers.

What to hear more about examples of Siebel UX improvement and the ways to use cutting-edge web development practices with Siebel Open UI?