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Salesforce is a great business software; however, its customization often complicates user experience.

Use this simple industry-standard self-assessment tool to find out how your own

User Experience scores and whether you should prioritize Salesforce User Experience improvements.



About the Self Assessment

The self-assessment is based on System Usability Scale (SUS) methodology developed by John Brooke in 1986 while employed at Digital Equipment Corporation in the UK. Since then, SUS has become the system engineering industry’s standard for evaluating the usability of various products.

About Ideaport Riga

Ideaport Riga is a Salesforce Consulting Partner with a focus on User Experience design, integration and extending Salesforce with custom mobile and web apps.

With experience in enterprise CRM application UX design, the company is certified by the prestigious Nielsen Norman Group.

Apart from Salesforce, it also possesses deep competencies in Oracle’s Siebel and HubSpot CRM. Additionally, the company holds technical and design certifications from various entities such as Salesforce, Oracle and Microsoft.

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