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Generative AI business benefits

With Gen AI technology, we automate routine, low-value tasks and queries, thanks to its advanced natural language processing powers. How will the work of the customer-facing staff change?

Focus on high-value work

Focus on high-value work

With routine tasks done way faster, you can spend more time discussing and understanding customer needs and then finding and implementing the best solution. By improving the effectiveness of your work, achieving your company's internal goals and objectives becomes more straightforward.

Better resolution of customer inquiries

Better resolution of customer inquiries

Generative AI can quickly analyze and draft solutions to customer inquiries by accessing company knowledge bases and systems APIs. It leads to faster resolution of customer demands with better quality while keeping the number of interactions low.

Faster time-to competence

Faster time-to competence

With increased productivity, you can scale your business without the need for proportional increases in staff. But when you need new employees, they will become proficient in the company's business processes and products and effective use of IT systems significantly faster.

Increased customer satisfaction

Increased customer satisfaction

Would you want to be a customer of a company that understands your needs, solves issues quickly and has knowledgeable staff to take care of you? Gen AI empowers companies to increase customer satisfaction and turn customers into promoters.

Operational efficiency

Operational efficiency

When you extend your CRM systems with Gen AI capabilities, your staff will "do more with less". What will you do with freed-up resources? Increase the profit for stakeholders? Invest in strategic growth and innovation? Reward your employees?
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What makes Ideaport a successful CRM AI project delivery partner?

We wish implementing Gen AI was as easy as adding a "Do AI Magic" button to your CRM, but unfortunately, it's not. To unleash AI's full potential, organizations must reimagine their customer journey, redesign their workflows, and reimplement the user experience within their Salesforce and Siebel CRM systems.

Bringing this innovative technology to your CRM system can be challenging, but we are here to help you reach your desired destination safely.

Magnet AI: The easiest way to get Generative AI into your CRM

Magnet AI is a free and open-source solution that makes it simple for CRM professionals to leverage GenAI capabilities with their CRM solutions. 

No-code Configuration

Provides no-code configuration using Admin UI to build, test and access audit trail logs of the solution

Integration with CRM systems

Integrates with Oracle Siebel CRM, Salesforce, RightNow, ServiceNow and Fusion Applications

Knowledge access for Q&A

Answers questions using the knowledge from SharePoint, Confluence, Salesforce and RightNow

Engagement Process

Choosing a partner for your AI-driven CRM transformation is vital. While Ideaport Riga may not rank among the global giants in CRM AI consultancy, our expertise and dedication to client success set us apart. Experience working with Ideaport Riga in a risk-free way.

Introductory Call + Demo

Connect with us to explore the possibilities. We're excited to learn about your business and CRM Gen AI aspirations. We can follow by showcasing the capabilities of our Accelerators and how they align with your specific use cases.

Complimentary AI Workshops

Gen AI is a novel field for both IT and business teams. Our IT AI Workshop dives deep into the Gen AI application technical stack and concepts, while the Business AI Workshop highlights CRM use cases where Gen AI shines.

Gen AI Mini Projects

Let's turn ideas into reality! AI mini-project is a fixed-price project, where within four weeks, we implement a Gen AI use case within your CRM, acting as a proof of concept or a pilot for more extensive Gen AI integration.

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The future of CRM is here with Generative AI, and we're just as enthusiastic as you are about its potential. Are you interested in further discussion? Fill out the form, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.
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