UX Intro Webinar for Siebel BAs

While working as Siebel Business Analysts, you have mastered a lot of skills. But what could be your next step in professional development?

At Ideaport, we suggest taking a look at UX. Following end customer experience, employee experience enters into the spotlight, and, traditionally, enterprise systems have a considerable UX debt. Siebel UI presents plenty of UX improvement opportunities.

The good news is that, as a Business Analyst, you already possess the essential skills needed to succeed in the UX domain. All you need is to learn and start practicing standard UX methods and tools.

But how UX Skills can benefit you as a professional?
What are the core elements of UX?
Where should you start your UX journey?
We will answer these questions for you during the webinar.

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UX Intro Webinar   
Recorded on:
Juris Terauds

Alex Mjasojedovs

Natalja Volcoka

What You’ll Learn

In this webinar, we will cover the following topics:


Benefits of UX Skills

How UX complements BA in helping you to drive better business results



Core elements of UX

What is Design Thinking

BA and UX: mindset differences


Design Systems 101

What they are and how they accelerate UI design