UX Transformation: Re-engaging business stakeholders and frontline users with Siebel CRM

Only few customers are happy with the usability of standard Siebel UI. We bring the best UX methods and tools to understand your business priorities and users' needs to turn Siebel Open UI into the great-looking, easy-to-use application that lets its users become super productive.


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Good UX is Good Business. Invest into Siebel UX.


The term "Good design is good business" has been around since 1966. In our digital world, physical design is evolving into the digital user experience.

McKinsey reports that the best design performers increase their revenues and shareholder returns at nearly twice the rate of their industry counterparts.

Forrester, in their Total Economic Impactâ„¢ Of IBM's Design Thinking Practice, witnessed project teams doubling their design and execution speed, faster time-to-market, improved productivity as well as a more engaged workforce.

How UX Benefits Translate into Business Benefits

Business Benefits

Look-and-Feel Engagement

In general, we human beings appreciate beauty and symmetry; they make us feel good. Well designed user interfaces contribute to employee engagement.


Ease-of-use Quality

Streamlined UI allows users to complete their tasks in the system without significant mental effort. Now they can be fully focused on the essence of their work tasks.


Learnability Faster Onboarding

It is easy for new users to learn to use improved Siebel Open UI, making them fully productive in their new roles within a shorter period of time. They also make much fewer errors.


Efficiency Productivity

The new UI design significantly reduces the completion time of everyday tasks and makes users super productive. How would you use this spare time?


UX Benefits

Trust the Design Thinking Process

Your Siebel transformation journey starts with a Siebel UX Challenge Framing Workshop, where we refine stakeholders' goals related to Siebel UX improvements, and pick one functional area for a redesign.

Then we kick off and run the project following our "Nexus Sprints" methodology, derived from the Design Thinking process.

Week 1

Research Sprint 

During this phase, we build an evidence-based understanding of what needs to be improved. We dive deep into systems and business processes, interview and observe users doing their daily tasks, and conduct usability tests.

Week 2

Design Sprint

Now it is time to come up with the solution. With more colleagues joining the team, we create various UI concepts and let the client pick the winner. Finally, we turn the winning idea into a storyboard and a clickable prototype.

Week 3

Validation Sprint

Finally, let's make the UI design ready for development. To prepare a Functional Solution Design document, we validate the functionality with business and Siebel experts, run usability tests with users, and iterate the UI design.

UX Transformation Project Standard Offer

Start your Siebel UX redesign journey by running the Nexus Sprints project for one Siebel functional area, and in three weeks you will have:

  • detailed understanding of your current usability issues,
  • clickable prototype, solving a majority of UX issues,
  • Functional Solution Design for your developers to start implementing the new UI right away.
The project fee is 15,000 EUR*
*excluding VAT and business trip expenses


Add a free Nexus Face Pilot Project and get 30% off** Limited Time Offer

Nexus Face is a brand-new low-code development tool for Siebel CRM experts to create engaging UI in a drag-and-drop manner. Add a two-week-long Nexus Face pilot to the Nexus Sprints project, and you will have your new Siebel UI live in a development environment.

**offer is valid until August 31, 2020

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Learn more about Nexus UX Sprints and how it can boost your Siebel CRM usability


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