Let Your Siebel Users To Be Productive

We bring the best UX methods and tools to research your users' needs and turn Siebel Open UI into the great looking easy-to-use application, that gives users what they really want: being super productive.

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Why should you invest in the UX of employee-facing apps?


Higher employees satisfaction

Your employees will appreciate you streamlining their task flows in Siebel. UX helps to satisfy users’ internal needs like meeting their business objectives easier, reducing the stress of looming deadlines and the need for overtime.


Less training, fewer mistakes

Companies invested in Siebel UX decrease the time to train the new hires, thanks to more intuitive, easy-to-understand UI. These UI improvements also help users to make fewer mistakes during their everyday work.


More efficient processes

Greater user productivity helps you to reduce work backlog, process cycle time, transaction costs and customers' waiting time. Your employees can use the freed-up time implementing ideas, that move your business forward.

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User-centric design

Design thinking drives our work. By going through the understand-define-ideate-prototype-test phases, we come up with the Siebel UI design that streamlines task-flows, solves actual users' issues, and improves their productivity. Only user research-based and validated UI designs make it to the development backlog, reducing the risk of wasted IT investments.

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Reusable design patterns and UI components

Design Systems are gaining momentum. Being pragmatic, we love how efficient they make the workflow of designers and UI developers thanks to reusability. If your organization has already established its own Design System, great, we will gladly adopt it. Not yet? No worries, we will utilize Google's Material Design and style it according to your brand guidelines.

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Modern web frameworks

We will use React, Vue or Angular to render parts of your Siebel Open UI. These frameworks make the development of highly interactive UI faster and less expensive, with the smaller codebase to write and maintain. Among the three, we will select the framework your company is already using in customer-facing applications so that we achieve even more reusability.

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Nexus Bridge for Siebel Open UI

Oh wait, don't you have to use jQuery to customize Open UI? Not anymore: with Nexus Bridge you can build custom Physical Renders (PRs) using React, Vue, and Angular. Nexus Bridge wraps Presentation Models of Open UI and exposes the easy-to-consume API for custom PRs. This approach reuses 100% of Siebel configuration you have been investing into for years.

Gradual Siebel UX improvement

Transforming Siebel UI might seem a daunting task, but splitting it into three well-defined phases makes things easier. Each phase provides clear deliverables, allowing stakeholders to see the benefits of UX redesign and to prepare the business justification for the next step.


Discover your Siebel UX opportunities

Conduct UX research and demonstrate how you can improve users productivity in the selected use-case.

TIME: 8 days | EFFORT: 160 hours


Prove UX case with the first win

Finetune and user-test UI for the selected use-case. Build and deploy new UI into a production environment.

TIME: 5-6 weeks | EFFORT: 600-1000 hours


Scale with the design templates

Analyze core use-cases and come up with the design templates. Swiftly transform Siebel UI one use-case after another.

TIME: 11+ weeks | EFFORT: 1500+ hours

Want to see Nexus Bridge in action?

Account 360 Degree View

Midnight UI

Design System: Material Design

Web framework: Vue.js

Components Library: Quasar

Account 360 Degree View

Lightning UI

Design System: Lightning Design System

Web framework: React

Components Library:
Lightning Design System for React

Service Requests

Open UI on Smartphones

Design System: Material Design

Web framework: React

Components Library: Material-UI

Activities & Contacts

Open UI on Smartphones

Design System: Material Design

Web framework: React

Components Library: Material-UI

Special offer for the first phase project

Start Your Siebel UX transformation journey and run “Discover Your Siebel UX Opportunities” phase until August 31, 2020 and get 30% discount on the service fee *


TIME: 8 days | EFFORT: 160 hours | SERVICE FEE: 6,700 EUR


* service fee does not include VAT and business trip expenses


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