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Juris Terauds

With 20 years of experience, Juris helps his clients to discover and deliver the benefits from enterprise web and mobile apps UX transformation journey. Juris has the strong track record in clients' business processes improvement with IT solutions, and recently he earned UX certification by Nielsen Norman Group. This combination allows him and his clients to spot the opportunities that can streamline the business processes while making the applications' end users happy and engaged.
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Unlock rich UX for Siebel Open UI with the modern web frameworks and Nexus'19

May 29, 2019 10:43:55 AM / by Juris Terauds posted in Nexus'19, UX, Siebel Open UI


Siebel UX is not up to date. Siebel Open UI introduction in 2012 made it possible for Siebel customers to change Siebel UI's look & feel by modifying CSS and writing small pieces of jQuery code. By doing so, you can make Siebel look in accordance with the corporate brand book and slightly improve how users feel using the system. Still, these changes do not bring Siebel UX to the level users expect from web applications in 2019 when it comes to visual aesthetics and ease of use. 

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